working space

Expand your space to infinite SPACE

Seize the opportunity to extend the boundaries of your knowledge and get a better understanding of the universe. And all of this in Košice.


Discover SPACE::LAB - a place where:

  • you can meet researchers, engineers and other space enthusiasts,
  • you can deepen your understanding of the universe by attending interesting talks,
  • you can participate in certain projects for ESA.

SPACE::LAB situated in Košice, is a place where you can engage in space science and space engineering and work side by side with top experts.


Regular meetup for space scientists, engineers and enthusiasts in Košice.

Unique interactive talks by top Slovak experts in the field will expand your understanding of SPACE.
Get the latest space news and engage in networking. SPACE::TALKs take place on the first Thursday of each month.


Competition for high school and university students

Show your talent and get a scholarship for your project.
Send us your project proposal on how you plan to get a better understanding of space. The winners will get a one-month scholarship to SPACE::LAB and a two-night stay at the Lomnický Štít Observatory.


The summer school for SPACE::PROJECT participants will include both theoretical lectures and practical hands-on sessions.
The topic will be “Exploring Space Science with GPT”.

SPACE::LAB is an initiative of Department of Space Physics.

Our goal is the understanding of space.

We study physical processes in space by our own instruments or by participation on the international missions. Department of Space Physics is a part of Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences.

More than 20 instruments developed in Košice for space missions
More than 50 years of history of the Department of Space Physics, IEP SAS
More than 400 scientific publications
SPACE::LAB is supported by the Slovak government through an ESA contract agreement under the PECS (Plan for European Cooperating States).

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